Sunday, April 12, 2015

Franklin Art Festival 2015

I am involved with the FAF festival again this year, and am putting thoughts together of a piece to enter into it when call for entries start around July. This annual exhibition usually runs about August/September. Although I didn't put a weaving in last year I had been looking at korowai, and submitted a knitted interpretation shown here. 

The cuff at the top was knitted with fine copper wire, fishing nylon, and fine rayon yarn. Although wholly unruly to knit, this combination of materials gave a very random and sturdy hanging edge for the hanging of the piece. The body of the work was knitted into garter and purl stitch, barely definable, squares using silk ribbon. Feathers were used to adorn the cuff and cord.


I have just joined the Pollok Arts Co-op which is a small gallery selling art and craft on the Awhitu Peninsula south of Auckland on the Manukau Heads. There are six members and we sell our own and other artists work. Yay to be art focused again after a year and a half of 60hour weeks working for the machine. For the time being I am blissfully living in paradise.

Pollok Co-op

Tapestry Weavings By Stephenie Collin


I hope you find Warped Art & Design both interesting and inspiring, and that it will encourage anyone working with fibre to investigate and experiment further within their chosen field.

The basic loom, which is my tool of trade, has remained technologically unchanged. This aspect appeals to me as I weave contemporary images on a machine of such simple and ancient construction.

And if the loom be silenced,
then needles, threads and fingers
have plenty more to say.

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