Thursday, September 19, 2013

Commission for Funky Chicken

Funky Chicken Commission Book Cover
Chook on the loom
It's been ages since I posted onto my blog so here is a bit of what I've been up to over the last few months. This is my brothers boutique kids book which he self-published last year, and a pic of me half way through weaving the illustration on the cover of the book.

Funky Books donates a percentage of it's profits towards the children's charity Just 4 Kids Inc. and Chris and his partner Nadia have been putting loads of energy into trying to make kids lives a bit more Funky for them. They tour schools and libraries promoting funky-ness for kids.

Funky Chicken, off the loom and steam pressed.

The design was way away from themes I have dealt with before, and the wild weft was radical to weave  at times. I believe they are going to use this weaving as a prize for a school library competition as part of the books promotion. It was a pretty funky piece to weave, and I was releived to get it done in time for my trip over to Australia in June/July.

Detail of the weft in the tail and wing
I took it over with me rolled up and bought some high-grade canvas to stretch over the frame my dad and I had built for it.. Once stretched, primed and painted, the weaving was ironed and steamed, and an  acid-free iron-on backing was attached to the work to stabilize it for sewing onto the frame. The exposed canvas area has cotton chook prints sewn around the border. as does the title and signature.

Funky Chicken sewn onto canvas

 All in all, a crazy little guy to weave. Had heaps of fun with this piece. Set at 10 epi it took longer than I thought so my next piece is set at 6epi to speed things up a bit.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Referencing Tales, Myths & Legends

Fairy tales & legends connect the past and present. I feel I can relate to the closeted life of Rapunzeland, that sense of entrapment and the oppressing obligation of having to live according to societal rules. And the traditional story of Nanook will always be over-shadowed by lines from Frank Zappa. 

In Search of Nanook

Woven at 11 e.p.i. on a cotton warp, using hemp, cotton, wool and rayon. These two weavings were woven as a twin-set pair. These two works are reminiscent of my 1960's childhood, where fact and fantasy were forever blurred. Reality and authoritative norms were full of contradictions. In my smallness, joining lifes dots together seemed an impossible task.

Rapunzel Gets a Life

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Tapestry Weaving/Mixed Media

Hand-woven Tapestry on Pen & Paper.

Integrating small works with other mediums to create a different format will probably never go down well with the tapestry purists out there. However there is always an sense of adventure in pushing ones artistic licence to take folk out of their comfort zones from time to time. These works have the double horror of being presented behind glass.

                                                        "Un-armed and Dangerous"


                                                              "Ghia's New Skiivvy"

You can see more of my work at

Tapestry Weavings By Stephenie Collin


I hope you find Warped Art & Design both interesting and inspiring, and that it will encourage anyone working with fibre to investigate and experiment further within their chosen field.

The basic loom, which is my tool of trade, has remained technologically unchanged. This aspect appeals to me as I weave contemporary images on a machine of such simple and ancient construction.

And if the loom be silenced,
then needles, threads and fingers
have plenty more to say.

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