Saturday, October 9, 2010


"The Forgotten Fruit Years." My last Exhibition
held in Devonport at The Depot,  March 2008.
For the last 5 weeks I have been unable to weave at all due to some hideous un-diagnosed muscle pain problem. I will be seeing my doctor again this week to say that I am very grateful for the 800!!!! odd pain relief tablets prescribed, and will agree the advice that I was over-doing things was a good excuse to do NOTHING for a fortnight, but I really would like to get back onto the loom... THANKYOU.

I have so much to get up and going for various exhibitions, including my own. The last exhibition took a years weaving and planning and I am now down to 6 months weaving for the next one I am having in June next year in the Communnity Gallery of the Franklin Arts & Cultural Learning Trust .

Luckily the pieces are all very small and are being woven with the title of the exhibition..... Woven Tapestry Fragments... in mind.

So to all you weavers who have had a forced absence from the loom through lack of health at any time in your career, I now know the horror and frustration that our own frailties can have on our art practice. 
The wonderful flip side of this of course, is that the drawing and planning activities involved with creating our hand woven work gets extra special attention, forcing/allowing us much more time for planning and re-working our  ideas and designs. This in turn can only mean a much more resolved and therefore stronger end design. 

Portriat weaving "Evad" hangs between "Matariki Through Window Arches"
Invitation by Gallery to exhibit at Franklin Arts & Cultural LearningTrust 2010.
Close-up of weaving and hand-stitched detail in Window Arches shown above.


  1. Sorry to hear of your 'pain', both physical and not being able to work. Your work is looking great.

  2. Thanks Dianne,
    You are such a gem....
    As you you have probably noticed from my posts it has made me quite grumpy of late!!.
    I have really been enjoying reading about what you have been up to on your own blog, you have had such a productive year- Congratulations.

    Re- the shibori workshop...I must add that I was impressed to read your comments as it is always a POSITIVE thing to see some honest, albeit some-what unflattering critique and feedback from all manner of our fibre experiences to keep us on our toes.


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