Monday, September 19, 2011

Tapestry in the Making

These are the first couple of pics of the tapestry I will be documenting as I weave it. Full detail of the colour is going to be dictated by just how fussy I decide to be as time goes on. However it looks as though this left-hand panel will be following reasonably closely to the script. 

The warp-up was a total pain as I haven't used this loom before. Although I won't go into detail here, the warp could prove to be a problem at a later date. I hope not!

Set at 12 e.p.i. on a coloured cotton warp. There is a small degree of fluting/corrugation in the warp, but I believe this is due to the warp-up rather than the weft materials being used as there is no actual splay in the warp spacing as I continue to weave at this stage. It will iron out fine once the spacing has been removed at cut-off time, which is hours and hours and weeks away. By that time I will have sorted it I hope!

Photo 1 The very beginning.

These three sections (the woman, the door and the teacup )will be woven as one complete panel.
 I will keep a visual record of the left hand panel to share with you on the blog.

Photo 2 Introducing the splashes of colour that dominate this design.


  1. I love seeing the progress - thanks for posting! What a fantastic design :)

  2. Hi M,
    Its now October and as you can see this piece has turned to custard on the loom I recently acquired. I hasten to add that I thought I could just boss and beef my way about this machine of secret agendas.

    I fear within its wooden being this loom demands a little dance of wills, canoodling and gentle coaxing before it allows me to bring forth a fine work of any merit. Maybe even a rug or two first, to serve my apprenticeship on it and put me in my place?


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