Friday, October 28, 2011

Loving those Miniatures

Re. my previous blog about posting my progress as I weave my new piece. That was a bad omen.

I have Ssooooo had difficulty with this new loom. Should one share ones failures??? Of course.

So next time I WILL post up photos of the disaster/s that should have been humming along nicely by now. 
I suspected the warp was all wrong to begin with and that it may cause some worry. However in the end I cut it off and re-warped with a nice light-weight but good quality cotton warp, only to find that the metal heddles were slowly, silently and maliciously slicing the warps as I was weaving down the other end of the loom.  "Ggggrrrrrrr..."   said I.

Dream State
Any way here are some miniatures for your perusal, the middle piece expresses very well the folly of continuing with weaving and documenting the piece I was going to do. I have totally simplified the design and will post that up at a later date, probably altered somewhat.

Pissing in the Wind

Chester...... With Spots


  1. What size are the minis? I'm always a pushover for miniatures in any medium, and these are lovely, very expressive!

  2. The two bottom pieces are 9x8cm, and the warp is set at 10/11 epi using a fine cotton.

    Dream State was woven using the same warp, and measured 10x14.5cm.

    Miniatures are such a great way to build up ideas and fine tune the technical aspects of tapestry weaving. I just love making them because they allow you to have plenty to say within so little space, and the designs need to be very tight and accurate which is always a challenge.


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